When & where

The project PEGASUS was successfully launched in February 2017 and it will last until the end of July 2019. The innovative approach of PEGASUS (Promoting Effective Generation and Sustainable USes of electricity) is focused on experimenting a simulation of functioning of microgrids in 7 pilot areas in currently in:

  • Municipality of Potenza in Italy,
  • University of Cyprus FOSS,
  • Gozo Island in Malta,
  • Municipality Preko in Dalmatia, Croatia,
  • Saint Julien-en-Quint in South of France,
  • Mega Evydrio in Greece and,
  • Sports Park Ruše in Slovenia.

In these territories there are already agreements with a structured local partnership constituted by Regional Authorities, Municipalities, DSO and Energy agencies to support the development of the microgrids.